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Eric Fütterer Renaissance Records


September 25, 2001

Without the last penny, ninety-nine cents is not a dollar. Why do I say that? To illustrate to you how important a small gesture, action, or thought can be. I need your help right now. Not a lot of help, but your help is important. We all need to help. That is why I have just launched a new web site, icanhelptoo.org. www.icanhelptoo.org

My name is Eric Fütterer. I live in the Los Angeles area where I work as a musician, university professor of voice and a writer. As a private voice instructor my students have included leading performers from such Broadway shows as RENT, FAME, LES MISERABLES, and leading pop performers such as Madonna’s TOY BOY and MANDY MOORE. As a writer/composer, I’ve been able to work for such great companies as Walt Disney International. I tell you this to illustrate one point. Rewarding and interesting as my work is, nothing I have ever done seems as important or needed as what I am doing right now--writing to you.

Please, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, do three things for me. Each task will help us together to help others who need our help. Your actions right now will really make a difference. Remember the ninety-nine cent dollar?

First, go to my web site and DOWNLOAD the MP3 music files I have posted. I wrote and produced this music. I own all copyrights, and give you permission to listen without limitation, or cost. They are free to you. You may even burn a CD of them for your personal use. These songs are written to punctuate the terrible attack on our country. The song "Without You" is dedicated to Todd Beamer and all the other passengers and crew of United Airlines Fight # 93, who gave their lives for us when their plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

Secondly, DISTRIBUTE. Develop an E-mail list of everyone from everywhere. Whether from your work place, your church or synagogue, your little league or basketball association, or even your breakfast club. Find out everyone’s E-mail address and forward this E-mail to them. Get the word out.

Finally, DONATE. Make a three-dollar contribution to a hands-on charity. The American Red Cross is certainly a worthy one--I suggest one dollar for each song, and it is a freewill offering. Their local address is:

 American Red Cross
Orange County Chapter
PO Box 11364
Santa Ana, CA 92711-1364

Why should you send a contribution of just, or only, three dollars? Because this is an effort which can include everyone. Young, old. Rich, poor. You don’t need a Doctorate in Rocket Science, you only need to join in. Your contribution is two fold. Forward this E-mail, and send a modest donation. This idea is about giving of ourselves. If we give of ourselves, we multiply our financial power.

That having been said, the goal is for us, together, to raise ELEVEN POINT ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS by NOVEMBER ELEVENTH. 11.11 by 11/11. This will prove that every contribution adds to the whole. America is a country composed of many different people with drastically different backgrounds. However, we are all united in our purpose. Let’s prove what a little help will do if everyone chips in, and rolls up their sleeves.

Remember, we each have three jobs to do.

1.  DOWNLOAD and play the MP3 files from www.icanhelptoo.org

2.  DISTRIBUTE this letter as attachment via E-mail. Do your first batch right now! Collect more addresses as you go.

3. DONATE. Send $ 3.00 to the American Red Cross.

With your valuable help we’ll succeed.

Thank you,


P.S. for more information about the music or performers, or for a list of our endorsers, please, consult the web site, www.icanhelptoo.org

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